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Written by Lutzifer   
Montag, 26 November 2007
Everything i know i learned from star trek. Alas, a similar title was already used for some nerd's book so i had to go with "mission statement". I always liked how the intro of the original series had that long speech about the coming adventures of the enterprise and its five year journey, which - ironically - turned out to be only two years after all. I hope this website will have a longer life-span, but since it is my first array into the world of writing endeavours, i m not sure where the journey will take me and this website. The site still needs some finishing touches, so it doesnt also look like the first set of enterprise =)
Alot of people consider the 70ies and 80ies the "golden age" of video-games and the categorisation seems apt. But what does that make the here and now? The industrial age? Looking at the big players in the video-gaming industry (sic!) and for example the big merger of Activision and Blizzard yesterday i'd say that is as good as any name to give it. Especially since 2007 has been an industrious year with an overabundance of great games - but also a lot of technical issues with those - so starting a website that tries to have a different look on the world of video-games and gaming in general shouldn't be the worst thing to do, right now. I just hope that there aren't too many klingons on the starboard bow.

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Marcus Fenix:
Well, we're not here to sell cookies. So, they know something's up.



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I stayed away from that game "I wanna be the guy" after i checked out the demo some time ago and decided that i didnt want to go through a difficult and brutal plattformer again, because of the pretty high levels of frustration that come with those. But watching somebody else actually go through all the torture and feel all the rage and brutality second-hand by watching him fail, was funny and also kind of rewarding as you get to see somebody else actually beat the game. The whole thing is about 25 youtube videos, so be prepared to lose at least a day to it, if you want to watch them all....