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Written by Lutzifer   
Dienstag, 27 November 2007
At the moment this website is only a one-man-project with the ambition to make a small impact on the gaming-community by providing articles that tackle subjects in a slightly different way than other websites do.

About the author:

I'm a psychologist and a lifelong gamer from the country with the most excessive laws regarding restrictions on media- and game-publishers and as such feel inclined to comment on the state of the gaming-industry and the peculiarities surrounding it. I haven't done any research in the field of video-gaming, so - if no studies are quoted - consider the articles found on this website to be opinions and / or educated guesses from the perspecitve of a gamer and psychologist. My professional expertise lies in the areas of experimental, cognitive, biological and neuro-psychology. As a gamer i ve helped alot of people by beta-testing their maps (mainly for people from the quake 3 modding community) and by taking part in beta-tests of commercial titles (having less of an impact there though :D) and have developed a keen eye for gameplay issues with maps and gameplay-mechanics.

About the website:

You ll find articles here about anything gaming-related that sparks the author's interest, reviews of games & hardware and hopefully in the future some more indepth articles on topics like media & violence, gameplay-mechanics, the game-reviewing-process and gaming-addiction.
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Max Payne 2:
One thing left to do. I was compelled to give Vlad his gun back... one bullet at a time.

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