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Written by Lutzifer   
Montag, 17 Dezember 2007

I've started playing an instrument what feels like ages ago and mainly play electric and bass-guitar, but have also been in contact with sequencer's since the c64. My preferences in music are a mixed bag of metal, punk and everything unique and bizarre that sparks my interest. I have played in bands since the early 90ies, have seen the inside of studios, recorded and mastered music myself, been a live-mixer at d.i.y. concerts and even have been in one of the greatest metal bands of germany, albeit only for half a year, but that is a different story =)
Since my last band has called it quits earlier this year, i ll use this small space from now on to show off my creative work.


Some of the songs i showcased here have been moved over to one of my two projects, which centers around nerd-metal:

UZi - nerdmetal




I have also recorded some really great songs with my other yet to be named project and will release some more info on those songs when they are getting close to the finish-line =)

This is the first one of those:


This song reminded my girlfriend of prince of persia, so i named it accordingly and she made a video for it, because she really liked the games - and hopefully also the music. I ended up getting involved in the editing as well (because i couldnt leave all the fun to her and i also love the games).


this song started out as an experiment with different VSTis and gradually turned into something that reminded me of portishead with a kind of dark atmosphere reminiscent of half-life thrown in the mix. There is only one real guitar in the song, the rest is virtual instruments, but i think it sounds organic enough. It's still missing some fitting vocals though, so it feels empty in spaces, but is great for running in the background for ambience.


UPDATE: You can listen to the old instrumental version here, but i have since updated it with samples from half-life - given the name and all - and you can check that out at the uzi-project website (see link above).



:::: a small experiment with the vocals of a friend and a basic drum-track turned into a sound-massacre. The "guitar" is also sung by him and heavily distorted. The lyrics are semi-non-sensical, but as an experiment in noise it turned out pretty well in my opinion. Good for waking up neighbours =)


The Day You Agree DEMOs 1 & 2

In case the other free domain ever goes down, here are all the songs from my old band the day you agree in a handy mp3-player for your listening pleasure.
The songs were all recorded and mastered by me, but the equipment we had wasnt the greatest, so it could have been much better. Feel free to send any spare hi-end musical hardware you dont need anymore over to my place :D
I played bass in the band and did the recording and mastering. The songs were created and arranged collaborately.
# To view the MP3 Player you will need to have Javascript turned on and have Flash Player 9 or better installed.
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